When shoe trends move from impossible-to-walk-in stilettos to platform clogs to low-heeled mules to sneakers, it's a small sign that equality is nigh. After all, if women can move around the world as comfortably as men (satorially speaking at least) isn't that a win?

Sneakers have been around for many seasons, and we love a pair of all-white kicks with pretty much anything: denim, little black dresses, midi skirts, culottes, ball gowns. While Converse Chuck Taylors are always a classic, and Vans and Adidas have their own fangirls and boys, we're pumped to see Nike's Air Force 1s back on the scene.

This season’s new sneaker trend is a comeback kid

Although it's always been a cult sneaker of the hip hop crowd, the sneaker style's ascent into popularity is helped by the fact that Virgil Abloh's Off-White did a recent collaboration with Air Force 1 and MoMA. Sixteen years after Nelly serenaded his favourite kicks, Nike Air Force 1s are enjoying another moment in the sun.

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They come in crushed black velvet, gold faux snakeskin, lavender suede, baby blue with embroidered rose patches. It's tough to find Nelly's limited edition patent leather pin stripe kicks these days, but "can't nothing compare to a fresh crispy white perrrrr".


This season’s new sneaker trend is a comeback kid