So Juicy: is Kylie Jenner bringing back the noughties tracksuit?


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Forget the '80s and '90s - could it be possible that the most regrettable fashion moment of the noughties is making a comeback??

We should have predicted this. When Kylie Jenner dressed up as Christina 'Dirrty' Aguilera during her Xtina phase, complete with pantless chaps and scrappy black hair extensions, it should have been our first clue that the noughties were ripe for picking again. In fact, when Kylie's sister Kendall wore a replica dress (or the same?) from a Paris-Hilton-in-the-noughties outfit to her 21st birthday party that was our second clue.

Certainly, for a select group of millennials and Gen Zers who were too young to witness the glory days of Paris, Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan and Mischa Barton as they tore up the streets of Hollywood in Rachel Zoe-approved outfits, it would seem that that the mid-noughties were a fascinating specimen of turn-of-the-century style. Spotted in pop culture far back as 2001(in a JLo film clip, natch), the tracksuits were the off-duty outfit of choice for LA-dwelling girls like Paris, Lindsay, and Britney... and even Kim Kardashian, back when she was merely Paris' stylist.

But, as Kylie Jenner so remarkably demonstrated with today's Instagram posts, Juicy Couture trackpants still don't look that great - even 10-15 years later. Even when they're the luxe 2.0 version that has been designed by fashion-favourite Vetements and retail for more than US$1,000...  But considering Vetements have been referencing Juicy Couture and Champion in its designs and LA-denim label  Re/Done just released a line of reworked Champion jumpers - we guess the early noughties are back?

Don't believe us? Join us for a trip down memory lane as we take a look back at Juicy Couture's biggest celeb champions.

So Juicy: is Kylie Jenner bringing back the noughties tracksuit? (фото 1)

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