Race cars, rockets and rabbits: Prada’s menswear and womenswear show

Race cars, rockets and rabbits: Prada’s menswear and womenswear show

Childlike perfection

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Women's resort meets menswear S/S ’16 in Prada’s latest presentation

Trust Miuccia Prada to understand how closely the lines between male and female fashion have become. For Prada's latest presentation in Milan, ostensibly a menswear show, the influential Italian label sent males and females down the runway, a sentiment which actually follows on from January's A/W '15 presentation and last year's S/S '15 menswear collection.

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Last year Miuccia Prada told, "it feels instinctively right to translate the same idea for both genders," not in an androgynous clothes-for-both-sexes way, but in an acknowledgement of how the same mood or aesthetic can be equally at home in male or female wardrobe.

It's a novel idea and given the cohesive nature of the collection, one that works here. From the motifs of rockets, racing cars and bunny rabbits which appeared on jumpers, skirts, jackets and dresses to the socks-and-loafers paired with bare legs - Prada's duality of vision was ever-present. While we can assume much attention will be paid to the childlike symbols used throughout the collection, Prada herself has suggested they're just symbols, like any other logo.

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Race cars, rockets and rabbits: Prada’s menswear and womenswear show (фото 1)

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The show was presented on a striking industrial-meets-space-age runway complete with angular and curved pieces of plastic that hung from the roof, a scene perfectly in line with the "post-modest, post-industrialist and post-pop" theme. While the grey blazers, short-by-men's-standards shorts and trousers which opened the show could easily be read as austere, their almost uniform ordinariness was broken up by the women's looks. Palette-adorned jackets worn over striped and eyelet-studded skirts soon gave way to the aforementioned printed jumpers, leading to flashes of stripes, colour and more printed skirts, this time undercut with snakeskin. 

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Race cars, rockets and rabbits: Prada’s menswear and womenswear show (фото 2)

While the men's palette was kept simple - black, grey and navy interjected with maroon and bottle green, the use of the bunny and eye symbols on the short smock dresses gave the women's collection an exuberance that contrasted slightly with the menswear. Nevertheless, despite these slight differences in tone, each look sat harmoniously side by side. Which is probably the way Miuccia wanted it.

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