London Fashion Week street style - all the looks

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Now that New York's wrapped up for the year, we turn our focus towards old London town...

Considering how jam-packed the fashion month schedule is and how quickly everything (including trends) moves, you'd think London Fashion Week would closely resemble the one just passed in New York. Uh, think again. Thankfully, despite the oft-heard complaint about the world becoming too much the same, we can happily report that London Fashion Week - at least in terms of street style - is poles apart from New York.

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While New York players brought their sleek, chic and cool A-game to the Big Apple, London's fashion crew are proudly flying their freak flag - in the most stylish way possible, of course. The quirks, urban streetwear vibe and thrown-together scruff of English style were out in full force this week, with print, colour, layering and (dare we say it, creativity) playing a starring role. And while you can expect to see many of the same faces you saw in New York last week, we loved seeing how the energy and vitality of the English capital managed to seep into everyone's wardrobe choices - yes, even despite the rain. 

London Fashion Week street style - all the looks (фото 1)

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