Honestly great: KITX’s ethical Resort collection

Honestly great: KITX’s ethical Resort collection

Tomorrow Land

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The second line from Kit Willow’s new label KITX is as striking as it is inspiring - we take a look at the campaign

Phrases like 'sustainable fashion' get thrown around a lot, but while the sentiment is often there, it's rare to find a whole collection that actually adheres to these principles. Designer Kit Willow's line KITX, is one exception. Utilising ancient techniques like batik printing, natural dying and hand beading, the ethos behind her new Resort collection, Tomorrow Land, is ethical fashion crafted to last.

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Honestly great: KITX’s ethical Resort collection (фото 1)

Most of the collection has been made in India and Vietnam, and each stunning silk piece has been hand dyed using natural materials like flowers, fruit, plant leaves and trees - a technique that dates back centuries. And it doesn't end there. To achieve the warm Turkish Red pieces which are woven through the collection, Indian artisans used tannin to dye the fabric - an antiseptic popular in Ayurvedic medicine. The vivid blue colour seen below? Made from natural indigo, the plant extract is imbued with traditional cooling and relaxing properties. 

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Honestly great: KITX’s ethical Resort collection (фото 2)

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Even the polka dots seen on the beautifully fluid dresses have been created using batik - which gives each spot an entirely unique imperfection. Willow also fused patches of square, rectangle and triangle fabric together on a straight grain so that her dresses, trousers and camisoles would be built to last.

Using fabrics like organic cotton, raw linen and hand-knotted fringing, the KITX Resort Collection is a blend of natural principles and careful craftsmanship. Each piece carries its own story and while there's a nod to current trends in the festival-ready '70s-esque fringed dresses and cut-out sleeves, there's an ease to the collection that you could easily call timeless.

KITX's Resort collection drops into stores from October 1.

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