We’ve saved you hours of Insta-stalking and put all the brands our favourite It-girls are wearing into one place

While fashion was once only determined by what was seen on the runway and in monthly magazines, now it is quite literally at our fingertips. With the refresh of a newsfeed we can see where Bella Hadid went shopping and what Alexa Chung is wearing to brunch. And in a world where Victoria's Secret models have larger followings than politicians, we have never wanted to know this more.

The processes of Instagram and social influencers have brought some fashion brands to cult status. It's no coincidence that the same pretty summer dresses and slogan jumpers have been seen on everyone from Margot Robbie to Alessanda Ambrosio. Actresses, models and musicians are paving the way for fashion trends by showcasing the newest brands in candid snaps of their day-to-day lives. Now it is that much easier to dress like the A-list. 

Click through the gallery to see what brands our favourite It-girls are wearing on Instagram. 

6 It-girl brands seen on Instagram (and where to find them)