Editor's choice: the highlights from Macgraw

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The fash pack was transported to a pretty-as-a-picture dollhouse for Macgraw's whimsical show. These are Buro 24/7 editor Rebecca Caratti's top picks

In the face of fashion's obsession with fierceness of late, it makes a refreshing change to see unapologetically girly looks floating down the runway. Macgraw's new collection is all sugar, less spice, from head-to-toe ruffles on diaphanous dresses to pastel lace confections and boots literally blooming, care of a few well-placed flowers.

The Theatre at Carriageworks was fashioned into a bubble gum pink dollhouse, and the models weren't too cool to play the part, smiling as they walked and obviously having a ball - how could you not in looks as fun as these? The music was just as uplifting, shifting from R&B to '50s and '60s tunes to a memorable finale to the sounds of Aaron Carter's '90s classic, 'I Want Candy'. Click through the gallery above to see Rebecca Caratti's show highlights.

Editor's choice: the highlights from Macgraw (фото 1)

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