These are the Aussie swimwear brands you're going to want on your body this summer

Finding the perfect bikini is an ordeal that most women liken to public speaking naked or bumping into an ex with no makeup on. You can either order online and risk sizing being, or brave the fluorescent lighting of a change room that will inevitably highlight every flaw you have ever been concerned about. You need to find something that holds your girls in firmly without being too conservative, while simultaneously making your bottom resemble the peach emoji (thank goodness for separates). Once you find that perfect bikini though, it can easily define the rest of your summer.

Considering we spend about 90% of the year with salty hair and sandy feet in or near a body of water, it's fair to say that Aussie brands know a thing or two about designing good swimwear. Large cupped, high waisted, low rise, one pieces and teeny tiny bikinis; these are the Aussie swimwear brands that you're going to want on your body this summer. Click through the gallery above. 

10 Aussie swimwear brands you’ll be wearing this summer