Which cult-fave fashion brand is going 'ungendered'?

Which cult-fave fashion brand is going 'ungendered'?

The new unisex

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Separate Men's and Women's departments is so 2015 - the future of dressing, it seems, is gender-neutral

At least, that's the message coming out of Zara, who has just debuted a Genderless collection of basics. But are any of us really that surprised? Not really.  In a world where Acne's top dog casts his 11-year-old son in the brand's A/W '15 womenswear campaign and Louis Vuitton follows suit with Jaden Smith - not to mention Alessandro Michele's dreamily effeminate men's collections, Calvin Klein's new gender-free fragrance and locally, a Sydney school changing its policy to allow students to pick whichever gender uniform they choose, it takes a lot to shock.

Addressing the fact that guys of a certain size have been wearing girls' skinny jeans since we all packed away our bootlegs and girls have been dressing 'man-style' for even longer, Zara's gender-free collection features nondescript basics of the kind each sex was borrowing from their GFs or BFs (or both) already. From crisp white tees to slouchy grey hoodies and blue jeans, the clothes look equally good on guys and girls - and each piece has been modelled on both to prove it.

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We know what you're thinking - isn't 2016's 'genderless' simply the last century's unisex? Well, yes. But in a world where gender is becoming increasingly fluid and transgender issues have entered the mainstream, the idea has taken on new significance - and we're willing to bet this isn't the last genderless collection we'll see this year.

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