This Prada film will get you in the spirit for Christmas

This Prada film will get you in the spirit for Christmas

You've got Prada mail

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If there’s one thing on everyone’s Christmas wish list it’s Prada and this year they’re delivering the visual goods with a delightful short film series called ‘The Postman’s Gifts’

Available to watch and enjoy on Prada's social channels and website, the short film series proves the magic of Christmas is truly alive, well and dressed in Prada. The witty series has two main story lines The Postman Dreams 2 (currently playing on the 'Gram @prada and and The Postman's Gifts - with each story line comprising four short episodes.

Directed by short filmmaker Autumn de Wilde, in the first four must-see episodes Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood plays the ultimate holiday postman who delivers the brand's signature Prada Galleria bag to a slew of Hollywood beauties including movie star Emma Roberts, supermodel and actress Amber Valletta, actress Sasha Frolova and Stranger Things' actress Natalia Dyer in various hilarious circumstances.

Valletta receives hers after she punches her lover in the face - because what better way to soothe a broken heart/hand than a Prada bag?

The second set of shorts will be unveiled later this month and will, according to WWD also follow the delightful formula of, " ever-changing cast of women (who) will interact with key Prada accessories." If only all postal deliveries were this glamorous.

Here's a snippet of Amber Valletta's episode aptly titled 'The Punch', or watch the entire first four episodes here:


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