Why this could mean the end of fashion ‘influencers’

Why this could mean the end of fashion ‘influencers’


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Street-style photographers have united in digital protest against the use of their photographs without payment under the hashtag #NoFreePhotos

With fashion month in full swing, street-style photographers are at peak snapping time - but in a move that may signal the end for 'influencers' who rely on the freely available street-style photographs of them dressed in their #outfitoftheday to raise their social profiles - The New York Times reports a group of street-style photographers going by the name of 'The Photographers' have formed an "unofficial union" to protest against the use of their photos without any form of payment or compensation.

Using the hashtag #NoFreePhotos, according to The New York Times the "digital protest" has arisen from, "...influencers and brands repeatedly using street-style photos from fashion-related events for editorial and commercial purposes without adequately compensating photographers."

Speaking to The New York Times, French photographer Nabile Quenum said, "We want people to respect the work we do and recognize that this is our livelihood. We, too, are trying to make a living, and many of us are struggling."

Which makes a ton of sense, when street-style photographers take snaps of influencers the influencers don't pay the photographer even though the influencer gets the benefit when they post the snap on their social media channel - usually in the form of notice from the brands they're wearing. However, most influencers rely on these freely available photographs, because after buying their designer ensemble there's no money left in the kitty to pay a professional photographer to snap them wearing it.

But a big issue the street-style photographers face is they need the influencers as much as the influencers need them - to create content. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in our social media free-for-all world.

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