Who REALLY is Diet Prada?

Who REALLY is Diet Prada?

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Who is the savage fashion commentator behind Instagram account Diet Prada?

If you have spent any time on Instagram in the past eight months you would have come across the incredibly vigilant account, Diet Prada; easily one of the most influential fashion Instagram accounts to emerge this year. If you haven't encountered the account in your bi-hourly scrolls, stop everything and follow them here, then watch their hilariously accurate fashion burns roll in. Kim Kardashian has copped heat from the page, along with some early stabs at Stefano Gabbana and just about every designer to walk an international runway ever. The Australian fashion industry has also been called out multiple times by the page, exposing brands that have been selling and loaning counterfeit designer clothing. No one is safe under the watchful eye of Diet Prada.

The account has a hilariously relatable knack for throwing shade on the fashion world and creating taunting t-shirts that sell out to their fashion loyal followers. But the fans extend beyond mere fashion lovers; Diet Prada also sat front row at Prada's Milan Fashion Week show (the assigned seat read 'Diet Prada') and collaborated with Gucci on an Instagram takeover to coincide with the Italian label's S/S'18 show.

Part of the accounts' credibility is upheld by its anonymity; for the most part, no one knows who this savage fashion commentator is, which makes the burns it posts that much more satisfying to read. But there is still an undeniable itch to find out who this person with a wealth of fashion knowledge could possibly be, and a quick google search instantaneously answers the question.

According to The Fashion Law the account was originated by Tony Liu and Lindsey Schuyler in New York, but is now run solely by Liu. Speaking anonymously to iD, Liu explained:  "We officially made an Instagram account two years ago. I used to run it with one of my friends, but now it's just me." Liu is a Fine Arts graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago who now runs menswear label, You As and Schuyler is a designer at FGXI, a LuxxoticaEssilor-owned eyewear company.

The article penned by The Fashion Law explains that Diet Prada did not respond to a request to for comment, but did report one of the sites' Instagram posts that called out Liu and Schuyler as the masterminds behind the account. Despite the reveal, the Instagram account remains anonymous. When it comes to exposé's it seems Diet Prada is perfectly happy to dish them out, but can't handle the heat when the tables are turned. 

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