For the true sneaker head no wardrobe, sorry, collection would be complete without multiple pairs of Converse Chucks ranging in colour and style from high-top to low-top and every version in between. Or without a dedicated Nike section stacked with all the greatest hits from their extensive tech-forward sporty catalogue.

And while we're all for the classic clean lines of a traditional white canvas, white rubber toe-capped Chuck Taylor paired with our fave blue denim jeans for a casual Tuesday look or a pair of functional Nike's when we're wearing activewear and thinking about attending the gym - there is definite call for a hybrid pair of sport and casual street that combines the best of both these looks and agendas.

Which is where the new Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars x Nike Flyknit Ox collection comes in. Combining iconic Chuck style with cutting edge, sporty Nike Flyknit technology these new shoes are the kicks we didn't even know we were missing. But now that they're available our wardrobe needs them stat.

Converse Chucks x Nike Flyknit Ox collection

Especially since the Flyknit technology means the upper fabric is super breathable which translates to a sweat-free option for summer. Plus, they're available in four wearable colour ways - black, white, grey, red - making them the shoe of the season.

The limited-edition unisex Converse Chuck Taylor All Star x Nike Flyknit Ox collection will be available from October 6 from Converse stores and online from:

When Converse Chucks met Nike Flyknit something epic happened