Conducted on the streets of Paris by social scientists from Paris Descartes University and the University of Southern Brittany, the study sought to determine how environmental cues (say, a Céline boutique) affected people's generosity, Fortune reports. And the findings don't put designer-clad Parisians in a positive light.

Researchers stationed women in need of help - some walked on crutches and dropped their belongings in front of passers-by, some asked to borrow a phone, others asked for momentary supervision of their friend in a wheelchair - outside Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Prada and Versace boutiques, as well as outside chain stores. They found that only 35 per cent of luxury shoppers stopped to assist, compared to 77.5 per cent of those standing outside non-high end stores.

Fashion girls, take note: next time you indulge in a spot of shopping at LV, it isn't just street style photographers you need to watch out for - social scientists could be lurking too. 

Well, this is awkward: luxury shoppers are the least charitable