Following the release of the Fendi Spring Summer 2017 campaign last week, supermodel sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid have joined forces again to front Moschino's latest season.

The Hadid sisters each star in their own short film in a series of three that accompany their appearance in the Moschino Spring Summer 2017 campaign. The films feature the girls fighting through swarms of ridiculously handsome paparazzi while wearing the brand's paper doll gowns from the spring runway.

No stranger to the glaring flash of photographer's lenses, it's a display of art imitating life. And considering the last time Gigi was hassled in a paparazzi scrum she brought the smack-down, it's no surprise the girls come out on top. 

Watch: the Hadid sisters go head to head with paparazzi for Moschino