Watch out Lottie and Kaia, Lila Grace is coming for your crown

Watch out Lottie and Kaia, Lila Grace is coming for your crown


Text: Yeong Sassall

Look out world, Kate Moss and 13 year old daughter Lila Grace cover the new Issue of ‘Vogue’ Italia

If you thought Kaia Gerber, Lottie Moss, Lily-Rose Depp and the rest of those genetically blessed celeb millennials and Gen Z-ers were ruling the roost, think again. In a move that we're not totally surprised by, Kate Moss has introduced her beautiful daughter Lila Grace to the fashion world in only the way she knows how - on the cover of Vogue Italia. As you do.

The black and white mummy and daughter-style cover was shot by Mario Sorrenti and arrived via Instagram late last night. Appearing in the June issue of the famed mag, Kate and Lila Grace wear Versace and show off their enviable bone structure and matching wide-eyed stares. Titled with headlines like, 'It's all about family' and 'Love', you can see the obvious resemblance between the two - although Lila looks a tad like publisher dad Jefferson Hack, too. According to both mum and dad, Lila is your typically teenage daughter who thinks her parents are the height of embarrassment - even though one is possibly the most influential '90s supermodel and the other is the co-founder of cool-kid magazine Dazed.

"She thinks me and her mum are deeply uncool,' Hack told the Sunday Times Magazine. "She keeps me real." And as for her mum? Lila gives her styling advice. "Mum, you look ridiculous, take that off. It's disgusting," Kate mimicked Lila in a recent interview with the Telegraph. "'I was going to put on this crazy green dress for the Vogue [100 Festival Gala], but she is usually right. Then when she goes, "Mum, you look really pretty", I'm like, "Ah," because she never says anything nice about me.'

Somehow we don't think this is the last we'll hear of Lila. Stay tuned or more updates.

Watch out Lottie and Kaia, Lila Grace is coming for your crown (фото 1)

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