Watch: Alexa Chung is hilarious in the new AG Jeans campaign

Watch: Alexa Chung is hilarious in the new AG Jeans campaign


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Alexa Chung has just summarised how we've all felt at some stage in the latest AG Jeans campaign film

When it comes to the queen of cool-girl, Alexa Chung undeniably takes the crown - but it seems even she gets awkward at dinner parties. In a hilarious short film for her latest spring '17 capsule with AG jeans, Chung attends a Parisian dinner party where she knows no one, hardly speaks french, but is desperately trying to blend in.  The two-minute short film was directed by AG's Vice President of global Communications, Johnathan Crocker, who explains how it was actually inspired by real-life events (and we can painfully relate). "The film was initially based on a dinner Alexa and I had when we were in Paris shooting the campaign stills, but evolved to be a bit of a tongue-in-cheek take at what it's like to have dinner when travelling abroad," said Crocker. 

This is Chung's second time she's played designer, model and muse for the label, following her hugely successful fall '16 collection. "Besides [Alexa's] exceptional style, her strong wit and charismatic personality and humour make her a rare talent, and ultimately, are the reasons we're able to make these kinds of films - not many people could pull this off," Crocker told Refinery29.

The inspiration behind the collection was 'La Nouvelle Vague', so naturally, Paris was the obvious choice of destination to shoot. "With the inspiration for the collection being 'La Nouvelle Vague', we looked to the most iconic and influential film during that period, Breathless. From the characters' wardrobe and the environment and setting of the film, to the effortless Parisian sensibility of that time, Jean Luc's visual style and innovative approach to film-making provided our team with endless amounts of inspiration," said Crocker.

Watch Chung wear her awesome new denim and speak terrible French in the video, below:

Watch: Alexa Chung is hilarious in the new AG Jeans campaign (фото 1)

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