Versace versus… a Vancouver hockey team?

Versace versus… a Vancouver hockey team?

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Flamboyant fashion house Versace is being accused by a Vancouver hockey team of ripping off their logo in the latest instalment of the fashion copycat wars

Coming up with revolutionary never-seen-before designs year after year is a challenging task for any designer and as we've reported before, like in the Dapper Dan versus Gucci or Forever 21 versus Gucci situations, designers often end up "referencing" other people's designs or styles that have been done decades before.

And while including an updated '70s-style flared jean to a collection is legit, producing basically a direct copy of someone else's design is not. With eyes on everything everyone does these days thanks to social media, a very public fashion feud is the inevitable outcome of this copycat move.

Which is where Versace and Vancouver hockey team, the Vancouver Canucks enter the story. According to, fans of the Vancouver Canucks have made "allegations" that, "...Versace had copied an old team logo. The so-called Flying Skate graphic, reportedly used by the franchise from 1985-1997, bears resemblance to an image on the front of a Versace sweatshirt."

Versace versus Vancouver Canucks

Anyone with eyes can see the similarity and Canuck fans have taken to social media to call Versace out with no response from Versace as yet.

Versace versus… a Vancouver hockey team? (фото 1)

To take this truly into the sports zone, Versace, the hockey puck's in your hands.

Versace versus… a Vancouver hockey team? (фото 2)

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