This NYFW collab has the Kendall Jenner seal of approval

This NYFW collab has the Kendall Jenner seal of approval


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Daniëlle Cathari’s deconstructed then reconstructed Adidas tracksuits are heading to NYFW

It's no secret that luxe athleisure has had a bit of a fashion moment for the better part of the last five years, and with different ways to continually reinvent the aesthetic, it's safe to assume the trend isn't going anywhere. Enter Daniëlle Cathari, a 23 year-old Dutch designer who is doing just that. The fashion student sent reconstituted Adidas tracksuits down the VFiles's Fall 2017 runway, garnering the attention of Adidas; and so the most millennial of fashion collabs was born.

"It's actually a funny story because my first contact with the brand was through Instagram after I won the VFiles," the designer told Vogue. "They reached out to me by DM and invited me to their headquarters in Germany, and from there, it just kind of all came together."

(Image: courtesy of Adidas Originals, via

It wasn't long before Adidas introduced the designer to brand ambassador, Kendall Jenner. "When we were first introduced by Adidas Originals, we totally hit it off," Jenner told Vogue. "Our creative styles really mirror each other. The different contrasts, colors, and vintage take totally reflect my personal style. . . . I was so inspired by her work and how she adapted such iconic pieces, making them feel totally new but still familiar."

Cathari's collection with Adidas will debut at NYFW on February 8, 2018, promising street-cast models and an Insta-worthy set. Adidas tracksuits, Kendall Jenner and Instagram appeal: sounds like a sell-out collection if you ask us. Stay tuned.  

This NYFW collab has the Kendall Jenner seal of approval (фото 1)

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