The Woolmark Company has joined forces with Miroslava Duma

The Woolmark Company has joined forces with Miroslava Duma

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The International Woolmark Prize has partnered with Fashion Tech Lab for a new Innovation Award

The Woolmark Prize is highlighting the importance of new technologies and sustainable innovation in the fashion industry with the announcement of partnership with Fashion Tech Lab who will power a new Innovation Award.  The award is open to the twelve finalists in the International Woolmark Prize, which includes Australian menswear designer Blair Archibald and Kiwi designer duo Harman Grubiša among its talent. The winner of the inaugural award will exemplify the most sustainable and innovative approach to design, and will cement the designers' status as one-to-watch on the fashion field.

Blair Archibald and Harman Grubiša

Foundered by Buro 24/7 founder, and ultimate boss-lady Miroslava Duma, Future Tech Lab is a platform that aims to connect new technologies and sustainable innovations to help the fashion industry evolve and improve environmental and social footprints. The Woolmark Company and Future Tech Lab will see the finalists through a dedicated mentorship program educating and empowering designers in sourcing, supply chain and sustainability. Duma will be among the final judging panel and will select the inaugural winner of the Innovation Award.

"I am extremely proud to be partnering with The Woolmark Company and the International Woolmark Prize, as it combines my two passions - fashion and technology," says Miroslava Duma. "The Innovation Award allows us to offer an incredible and empowering opportunity to 12 designers and continues to propel Fashion Tech Lab's mission of accelerating the fashion industry's transition to an innovative and sustainable future." The award will celebrate the collection with the most creative wool fabrication, process or development with the most innovative approach to help reduce its social and environmental footprint.

The International Woolmark Prize and Innovation Award will be announced in January. 

The Woolmark Company has joined forces with Miroslava Duma (фото 1)

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