We're not "desperate": bloggers fight back from Vogue critics

We're not "desperate": bloggers fight back from Vogue critics

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Bloggers Leandra Medine, Garance Dore and Bryan Boy have hit back at the controversy surrounding the team's remarks earlier this year

After a scorching moment in blogger vs magazine history earlier this year, bloggers have fired back at criticism from some of US Vogue's editors. If you can recall, it all started when's digital fashion editors published some admittedly inflammatory remarks about street style bloggers, calling them "pathetic", "desperate", "embarrassing" and "the death of style". To be clear, the editors were bemoaning the general street style peacocking that went on at the S/S '17 Milan shows, but it's clear it hit a nerve, based on the chaos it caused (click here for the full story).

And it looks like bloggers aren't done defending their position in the industry, because during a recent Instagram and Facebook chat moderated by Eva Chen, the ex-Lucky editor brought up the infamous fight, saying it was "pretty derogatory toward the industry." And in a panel that includes superblogger bloggers like Leandra Medine (Man Repeller), Garance Doré, plus Bryanboy sitting in the audience - you just know there's going to be blood.

Here's what they each had to say, as reported by NYT's The Cut:

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Leandra Medine:
"People who are getting paid to wear clothes are doing nothing so different from a magazine getting paid by an advertiser to put clothes on one of their models. My perspective is: Just let them live. They're not getting in your way; they're not stopping you from getting your job done. They're literally just trying to make a buck like you are."

And she addressed the whole front row thing, too. "The fashion system is such that if you didn't pay your dues back in the day, you didn't get to accelerate. The front-row seat indicated you had worked extremely hard for a [long] period of time, and you were now warranted to sit in this seat." For the record, Leandra believes she deserves her front row seat.

Garance Doré:
"There is no more filter - people choose who to follow, and they give the right to anyone to have power. [Once], magazines were deciding what was good style, and today everything is shifting. I think it's an interesting time and it's very difficult. It's very disturbing to people who used to guard style, and decide what was good or bad. There used to be five voices; now there are a million."

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"What I was really curious about was whether [the piece] was intentional, as in, it was calculated. If they really thought about it, or if the comments were in passing, in a roundtable, and they didn't know that it was going to go viral, in a way. I mean it's 2016, it's not 2008 where we've had this conversation multiple times. I feel like we should move on and not have these conversations anymore."

We wonder whether Vogue's editors will rebut? Watch this space for updates. 

We're not "desperate": bloggers fight back from Vogue critics (фото 3)

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