In terms of fashion subversion, 2015 has come out swinging. We thought we'd seen it all - transgender models, I am Cait, Givenchy cheating on Paris with New York. But this? This is raising eyebrows. This being Acne creative director Jonny Johansson casting his own son in the brand's new womenswear collection.

Controversial? Very. Why? Because little Frasse Johansson is just 11 years old, making this not just a striking case of nepotism (what about all the other year 5-ers who had what it takes?) but potentially a Dance Moms situation. Oh, and he's modelling womenswear.

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The co-founder's 11-year-old son stars in Acne's latest womenswear campaign

It's been a big year for showing off celebrity offspring: we've had Cindy Crawford's 13-year-old daughter Kaia Gerber score a spread in CR Fashion Book; Lily-Rose Depp came of age with a Chanel coup; 14-year-old Willow Smith appears in Marc Jacobs A/W '15 campaign and most recently, Charlotte Gainsbourg's 12-year-old daughter Alice Attal appears alongside mum for French brand Comptoir des Contonniers.

But Johannsson enlisting his own son for the shoot is taking fashion's unsettling obsession with tweens one step further. Bedecked in Acne's Viviane Sassen-inspired A/W '15 threads, Johansson Junior is resplendent in pastel fur, towering heels and fierce specs. His father explains the move as follows: "I wanted to portray that feeling of first experiences with fashion, like a kid is experimenting with their look for the first time, without any preconception. Crucially, the look is fierce but also natural. This person is not looking for approval, there's no nerves or political statement." He goes on: "I immediately pictured Frasse, since he embodies this new breed to me. I asked him and I'm happy that he wanted to be a part of the campaign."

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The co-founder's 11-year-old son stars in Acne's latest womenswear campaign

Acne's statement also includes quotes from Frasse: "It is cool to be so young and get the opportunity to do such an awesome thing. (But) it was a bit annoying that everyone wanted to fix my hair and stuff," he says. "It doesn't matter to me if it is 'girl' clothes or 'boy' clothes, I don't really feel that there is a difference. It was totally fine."

Frasse is clearly wise beyond his years, but we're not sure how we feel about a designer using their own child in what has to be - at least on some level - a publicity stunt. And we're even less certain that it will make women want to buy the clothes. What do you think? 

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The co-founder's 11-year-old son stars in Acne's latest womenswear campaign

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