The 5 most in-demand sneakers are not what you’d expect

The 5 most in-demand sneakers are not what you’d expect

Sneaky bestsellers

Text: Lucie Clark

When it comes to kicks there are sneakers and then there are Sneakers, the latter are the not-for-sport version that make a statement about who the wearer is, which is why the bestseller list is so darn interesting

All kicks are not created equal, originally they were the sole domain of the track and field team and anyone channelling Rocky's classic stair running montage - functional if not exactly fashionable. Fast forward a few years and the cool kids are wearing their high-top basketball boots off the court - a trend which immediately trickled down to the mainstream and became a style staple for the fashion forward street style crew (and basically anyone with feet, because they're just so comfortable).

From your Stan Smiths to your Converse one stars tricked up sneakers are now an every day wardrobe item - but for a lot of wearers, they're so much more - they're a statement about who you are and where you rank on the cool factor scale. Just think of the epic queues to get a pair of the latest Yeezy lace ups. So a list of the most sought-after, bestselling sneakers should give a pretty unique insight into what people are hoping their 'look' portrays, yes? Definitely. recently spoke to luxury online resale site The RealReal (because hard-to-find and sold-out kicks are the ultimate must-haves, which is where this site comes in) about what the most in-demand kicks are in the US. According the article, the top five are: Common Projects Achilles low-top, Buscemi 100mm high-top, Balenciaga Arena high-top, Valentino Garavani Rockrunner, Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2.

Common Projects Achilles low-top

And they even break it down by geographical region with, for example, San Franciso's number one in-demand the Louis Vuitton Damier high-top showing that even tech heads telegraph their worth via their sought-after kicks.

Louis Vuitton Damier high-tops

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