Stella McCartney menswear A/W '17 debuted in the most watchable way

Stella McCartney menswear A/W '17 debuted in the most watchable way

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For her second menswear collection Stella McCartney dropped a surreal short film starring Cillian Murphy and featuring a soundtrack by her very famous dad

Why do a run of the mill look book when you can do a short film with backing soundtrack by one of The Beatles? The answer is a no brainer if you're UK designer Stella McCartney. McCartney launched her first menswear collection to high acclaim last year and for her second collection, instead of producing a regular old look book she collaborated with Brit film maker Sean Ellis  (Anthropoid, Cashback, The Broken) on a noir short film called Black Park featuring Irish actor Cillian Murphy (Dunkirk, Peaky Blinders, The Dark Knight), with a soundtrack made by her dad Paul McCartney.

The film is a haunting reel of Murphy wearing pieces from McCartney's Autumn/Winter '17 collection in a deserted wood and in a techy strobe-lit room which is both disturbing and genius - the clothes becoming part of the intriguing narrative.

To launch the film, McCartney invited a slick crew including Sean Ellis, Presley Gerber, Lucie de le Falaise and rock 'n' roll legend Steve Tyler to a 16th century pub in London for a 'lock-in'. A 'lock-in' is a quintessential British tradition whereby at the end of the evening when the pub officially closes, the publican lets his fave guests stay on and party until the wee hours. According to WWD, "McCartney said when she was a teenager it was her aspiration to be cool enough to be part of a lock-in."

As for the collection, it features her usual luxe tailoring using only animal-free fabrics and according to BOF includes strong sartorial Beatles references, "There's a tailored jacket with a red lapel which she adapted from one of her dad's old jackets."

Watch the short film here:

Stella McCartney menswear A/W '17 debuted in the most watchable way (фото 1)

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