So long warm, woolly sweaters? PETA has gone anti-wool

So long warm, woolly sweaters? PETA has gone anti-wool

Um… is polyester vegan?

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Animal rights organisation PETA has moved on from fur and is now targeting wool as the fabric they want us to stop wearing

PETA's anti-fur stance makes complete sense, the amount of fur to make any kind of wearable garment is insanely large and those cute little furry animals need their fur for warmth but now PETA is also claiming that taking wool from sheep is inhumane and they want us to stop wearing wool immediately.

With a campaign featuring Joaquin Phoenix sporting a tag line of: 'Cruelty doesn't suit me. Please leave wool out of your wardrobe,' PETA are calling for those warm, woolly sweaters to no longer be part of our dress code.

PETA anti-wool campaign

PETA's anti-wool stance came about after the organisation's investigation, according to their website, of "...more than 30 shearing sheds in the US and Australia uncovered rampant abuse. Shearers were caught punching, kicking and stomping on sheep, in addition to hitting them in the face with electric clippers and standing on their heads, necks and hind limbs."

And while this is totally shocking and unacceptable, there must be a way to ensure shearing is done humanely because sheep living in warm climates (like Australia) need to be shorn so they don't overheat in summer. Unlike taking fur from animals who need it for warmth, removing a sheep's wool come spring is essential for the sheep's survival.

But what other warm, natural fibre options are available if not wool? Polyester is made from, among other things, coal and petroleum, which may not be animal-based but are definitely not a friend to the environment or when worn as clothes directly against our skin.

So long warm, woolly sweaters? PETA has gone anti-wool (фото 1)

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