RYKIEL FOREVER: the house pays tribute to its late founder


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Following the death of the label's namesake Sonia Rykiel last year, designer Julie de Libran revists the archives to turn out a 'greatest hits' capsule

"There are so many beautiful things I didn't want to be lost," said Julie de Libran in a statement from the brand on her 13-piece collection in homage to founder Sonia Rykiel. The creative director pulled from the 60-year-old archives of the brand, reimagining classic Rykiel-isms such as stripes, knitwear and the iconic 'SONIA RYKIEL 175 SAINT GERMAIN' lettering in red, white and blue. Buttons that feature throughout the collection feature the thumb-print of Mme. Rykiel - discovered in the archives by the new creative director.

"I was so touched by the charm and grace of this extraordinary woman who truly defines what it means to be an icon," continued de Libran." She's a legend of fashion, yes, but her influence reached so far beyond those realms, challenging the status quo and empowering women to embrace their freedom of spirit, intellect, sensuality, friendships and individuality, all with a lightness of touch and humour. That started with the clothes but had cultural ramifications so far beyond, that still remain relevant and are particularly relevant to women today."

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