RIP Sonia Rykiel: 15 of her greatest fashion hits in celebration of her life

Queen of knitwear

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Tributes as celebrated fashion designer Sonia Rykiel dies in Paris at the age of 86.

"I like to have heart and beauty and ideas in the same room, and in the same dress,” once told Sonia Rykiel to Garage Magazine. It is a philosophy that saw her pioneer clothing for all modern women: professionals, mothers, socialities and public figures. “We are working women. Also, we have the problem of children, of men, to take care of our houses, so many things. I try to explain that in my clothes. They are clothes for everyday life," she explained to The New York Times in 1987.

In practise, this meant a career shirking tradition and trends, being one of the first designers to champion maternity wear that flaunted the pregnant female form as oposed to obscuring it as was the practise of the time. She then created her signature 'poor boy' sweater, favoured by Francois Hardy, Brigitte Bradot and Audrey Hepburn alike, garnering her the nickname, 'Queen of Knitwear' and was the first to emblazon her designs with words, 'amore' and 'mode' being favourites; A legacy that has inspired such revered designers as Jean Paul Gaultier to describe her as 'revolutionary'.

“It is a sad day but Sonia Rykiel leaves behind her an extraordinary legacy,” said chairman and chief executive of First Heritage Brands, Jean-Marc Loubier. "She was a pioneer who helped women and society evolve."

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