You need to see Puma’s latest Ballet-inspired campaign

Puma ballerina

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And who say's Ballet isn't a sport?

As a continuation of the "Do You" campaign which featured Cara Delevingne last year, athleisure brand Puma has teamed up with the New York City Ballet to create their spring 2017 campaign. The Swan Pack collection features a strong black-and-white aesthetic (think Black-Swan vibe) in the ballerina-inspired apparel and both lifestyle and training sneakers.

"Ballet develops character, both on and off the stage," explains Mimi Staker, of the New York City Ballet. "You have to find inspiration in yourself, always strive to improve, and not accept your flaws. It's not a flaw so much as it is a challenge." Mimi Staker and fellow dancer Olivia Boisson both feature in the theatrical campaign, alongside some other dancers from the company.

The Swan Pack spring 2017 collection is available worldwide February 1, 2017. 

You need to see Puma’s latest Ballet-inspired campaign (фото 1)

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