Showing her true colours - which happened to fall not just in music but also in fashion - Cyndi Lauper has, according to WWD, signed on the dotted line with HSN (Home Shopping Network) to design a range of women's wear, accessories and footwear. The range is called a 'A Touch of Cyn'  - which is great news for fans of Cyndi's striking style who can now dress just like their fave pop icon.

Cynthia Ann Stephanie Lauper rose to fame in the '80s with catchy hit singles Time After Time, Girls Just Want to Have Fun and True Colors. Her tunes topped the charts and scored her a Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 1985, but her musical talent isn't the only reason for her fame and status - Lauper is a cultural icon thanks in large part to her wild, ever-changing hair, offbeat, envelope-pushing style and vocal advocacy of LGBTQ rights.

And now she adds 'designer' to her long list of achievements. Speaking to WWD, Lauper says she, " fashion and this line is a nod to my favourite century of fashion - the 20th century." The article adds that Lauper, "...wants to design clothing that accentuates women's good points and minimises the bad."

The collection includes pieces you could see Cyndi wearing herself like a graphic tee, velvet coat, gold link earrings and leopard-print lace-up booties, which feel 100 per cent Kinky Boots-inspired.

A Touch of Cyn booties. Image: WWD

A Touch of Cyn will launch on the HSN on October 26, 2017

Pop icon Cyndi Lauper just dropped very surprising style news