PETA vs fashion: two major brands say so long to fur

PETA vs fashion: two major brands say so long to fur

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Image: Image: Solange Knowles in Michael Kors 'The Walk' campaign shot by Tommy Ton

PETA is winning the fur-free campaign battle with luxe labels Michael Kors and Jimmy Choo set to say “so long” to fur

Aspirational luxury fashion and accessories brand Michael Kors is known for its flamboyant fur-trimmed everything which has put it firmly in the sights of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). 

PETA anti-fur protestors have relentlessly targeted the brand, with two incidences this year alone, one involved a gruesome protest outside Michael Kors' flagship SOHO store during February's New York Fashion Week and the second in June this year, disrupted a talk Michael Kors was giving with Alina Cho at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art.

But the relentless campaigning appears to have worked with WWD reporting the brand has made an agreement with PETA to go fur-free. The fur-no-more agreement also extends to high-end shoe and accessories brand Jimmy Choo - which Michael Kors Holdings acquired earlier this year.

As for the timeline, per WWD, Michael Kors CEO John Idol, "confirmed that the brand would indeed be going fur-free by December 2018."

The brand uses fur in many of their pieces in line with the glamorous jet-setting lifestyle they're known for and they're not giving that furry aesthetic up, with Michael Kors telling WWD, "We now have the ability to create luxe aesthetic using non-animal fur." Fingers crossed any future protestors can tell the faux from the real.

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