New nudes: Louboutin launches skin-toned heels for all

New nudes: Louboutin launches skin-toned heels for all


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No longer the domain of the alabaster and peaches-and-cream skinned, Christian Louboutin’s new nude range caters to all colourings

If you've ever wondered exactly whose skin tone 'nude' heels was supposed to represent - you're not alone. From pink-based shades to milky beiges, most nude coloured shoes have traditionally represented the skin colour of a very specific portion of women - namely, the pale-skinned.  

That is, until now. While some may label it revolutionary (it's certainly been a long time coming), The Nude Collection is definitely the first high-end one of its kind. With seven tones added to the luxury shoe collection - ranging from pale cream through to rich chestnut, the range is designed to meet the needs of women across all ethnicities.

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New nudes: Louboutin launches skin-toned heels for all (фото 1)

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And as the arresting campaign image demonstrates, the new nude colourways can now be more accurately be described as flesh-toned, so it's a small win for cultural diversity in fashion. The new shades can currently be seen in Louboutin's more popular styles, such as So Kate and Pigalle, and will be rolled out across all styles when the full collection hits stores and the website.

The Christian Louboutin Nude Collection will be available in August, visit to see the range in more detail.

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