New age: Converse One Star gets an arty update

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Make space in your closet next to your All Stars, Converse celebrates its iconic One Star with a new collection and campaign

Make space in your closet, Converse celebrates its iconic One Star with a new collection and campaign

If grunge had a sneaker it would undoubtedly be a pair of Cons. Synonymous with Kurt Cobain, skateboarding and the '90s, it's pretty weird to think that Converse's roots were originally in the tight-shorts-and-white-socks basketball world of the '70s. Of course, like the other retro sneaker throwbacks we've seen in recent times (Adidas Stan Smiths, Vans Old Skool et al), the One Star has forged its identity via a blend of sport, streetwear and counter-culture music, which it makes it all the more ripe for a comeback in 2017.

While for many, very little can come between them and their beloved Chucks, we're betting the pastel-toned punch of the new One Star range might shake things up this season. Accompanied by a campaign shot by Melbourne-based photographer Ben Clement and collaged by Sydney artist Dina Broadhurst, the collection comes to life on Aussie models   Zoe Cross, Big Words, Shayne Tino, Alex Drewniak, and Luka Raubenheimer. And thanks to Dina's use of graphic collage and jolts of glitter, the campaign offers a dynamic porthole in which to view the new collection.  

Chatting to the artist at the launch party, Dina revealed she was keen to imbue a sense of the '90s in her collages. "It was definitely a note of nostalgic '90s, of being on the street, in contrast with the very digital world we interact with one another today," she said. Citing '70s photographers Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin as favourites from that era, plus Mario Testino, Peter Lindbergh and Bruce Webber's work from the '90s, Dina's methods were somewhat relaxed. "[I took] a more fun and free approach, a use what you find around you aesthetic, of imagination, simplicity and freedom," she explained.

It's a fitting style of work for the ever-evolving streetwear and sportswear moment, which Dina is personally a fan of. "It's so practical, achievable and within reac,h and it very much suits our lifestyle and the way we live," she says. (We couldn't agree more.) And as for her favourite pair from the collection? "I'm loving the perforated white leather One Star," she stated.

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