Naomi Campbell reveals what she really thinks of next-gen models

Naomi Campbell reveals what she really thinks of next-gen models


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Naomi Campbell stars in the new Gap campaign with some (sort of) familiar faces and names

You've got to hand it to her. Naomi Campbell has mastered the art of ageing happily in an industry that likes to remind you constantly of how old you are. Add to that, the media's obsession with pitting her against a constant crop of It-models who are lavishly branded 'supermodels' after being around for one season. But as it turns out, the original '90s supermodel is generous with the label, telling Vanity Fair that she doesn't get into the whole are-they-or-aren't-they supermodel debate that's been applied to new-gen faces like Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Karlie Kloss.

"I don't get into that debate," she says. "And I've done a few interviews where I've said that I support them, and then it comes out saying that I didn't. I'm friends with them all, and they're very sweet and respectful to me. If they need to ask me something they know they can. And that's how I want it to be." Go Naomi. In fact, she takes it one step further and offers to share her 20-plus years of experience with them and even recommends them for jobs. "If I know that one of the designers that I'm friends with is going to love her, of course I'll send her along."

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So it was in this same spirit of unity that Naomi took on the new Gap campaign alongside a roster of famous '90s celeb offspring. Marking 20 years since Naomi first strutted her way into the Gap campaign wearing a white tee and denim cutoffs, the Generation Gap video recreates that classic '90s moment by putting the supermodel in the exact same outfit - proving she's still in incredible shape. She stars in the new campaign to promote a limited edition denimwear collection that's been lifted direct from the Gap archives.

Gap have also asked celeb kids such as Evan Ross (Diana Ross' son), Lizzy Jagger, Rumer Willis, Chelsea Tyler (Steven Tyler's other offspring) and Coco Gordon Moore (Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon and Turston Moore's daughter) along for the ride. As Naomi explains in one of the videos, they were all a natural fit since she rubbed shoulders with their parents in their heyday. As she says of Evan Ross, "I know his mother Diana, who is the queen, the boss" and she knows Lizzy through "Mick and Jerry" and knows Rumer because "I used to take care of [her] and take her to all my fashion shows when her mother [Demi Moore] used to bring her to Paris." Bless the privileged lives of celeb kids, right?

Watch Naomi get nostalgic alongside a string of (singing) celebrity offspring in the campaign below. No prizes for guessing which children of rockstars can actually carry a tune.

Naomi Campbell reveals what she really thinks of next-gen models (фото 2)

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