The object of their mass hysteria was internet personality (remember when that wasn't a thing?) Cameron Dallas, the guy no-one over the age of 21 knew about - until now. The 21-year-old Californian found fame on video sharing platform Vine, where he posts videos of himself playing pranks on his friends and family.

The ridiculously good-looking Dallas has over nine million followers on the platform (that's more than Justin Bieber), along with 9.5 million followers on Instagram, 5.9 mill on Twitter, 2.9 mill on Facebook and 4.1 million on YouTube. They're stats that are mighty appealing to a brand like Calvin Klein, which invited Dallas to attend their A/W '16 show in Milan this week - cue thousands of new fans introduced to the brand, with - in their star struck eyes, at least - the highest endorsement, like, EVA.

Dallas has been using the #mycalvins and #hiscalvins hashtags for his Milan visit - check out his legions of adoring fans (and these are just the ones based in Milan) above.

Milan Fashion Week has been hijacked by a 21-year-old social media star