Melbourne dress hire service caught loaning fake designer clothing

Melbourne dress hire service caught loaning fake designer clothing

Fake news... literally

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Diet Prada has exposed Melbourne dress hire service Borrow My Balmain for loaning out fake designer clothing

Dress hire companies are the perfect solution to the whole 'I want this dress, but cannot justify paying full price for something that I will likely only wear once' fiasco. Usually ran through Instagram, the services charge a small fee for postage and dry cleaning on top of a miniscule fee for hiring the garment that is a percentage of what it would cost straight off the runway. It's a budgeter's way to get their designer fix - but what if the clothes you are so thriftily hiring are not in fact designer? Melbourne dress hire service Borrow My Balmain has been caught out doing just that.

The Melbourne based company loans out off the runway designer clothing from international fashion brands such as Dior and Gucci. Their service is a favourite among Melbourne socialites, worn by influencers such as Nadia Bartel and model Steph Claire Smith, who have also been promoting Borrow My Balmain on their own social channels.

Fashion vigilant Instagram account Diet Prada posted side by sides of a series of 'Dior' looks that Bollow My Balmain had loaned for racing season, compared with runway images and the differences in the garments are almost comical. "BEWARE! Australian account @borrowmybalmain has been purchasing fake @Dior from @ebay and renting it out as the real thing for profit," Diet Prada wrote.


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Since the expose it has been revealed that Borrow My Balmain is run by Melbourne singer Chloe Maggs, who has now flicked the brands Instagram account to private (and changed the @ handle), not before addressing the situation: "We would like to give you all answers for this fake Dior skirt scandal," the brand posted to Borrow My Balmain. "We have a close relationship with a well known stylist (who we won't name yet for legal reasons) who a few of our pieces were purchased from and we were obviously under the impression were authentic and have now come to the realisation were in fact replicas. We will be taking appropriate legal action against them in regards to this."

If you do not already follow Diet Prada, your feed had been missing out on some thoroughly entertaining criticisms of the fashion industry and designers. The account serves strong fashion comparisons highlighting copycat brands and fakes. Diet Prada also famously compared a Dolce and Gabbana merchandising display with a Gucci display, causing Stefano Gabbana to comment "please say sorry to me."


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Header image: Liz Sunshine | Street Smith

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