Louis Vuitton announces Cruise 2018 location

Louis Vuitton announces Cruise 2018 location

Guess where?

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In the tradition of far-flung, exotic Cruise show destinations, Louis Vuitton reveal the next chic city

After last May's presentation in Rio de Janeiro at the city's Niteròi Contemporary Art Museum, the 2015 show in the John Lautner-designed home in Palm Springs and 2014 in the Palace grounds of Monaco, the fashion set have waited with baited breath for details of the location of the next show.

In a press release, the French fashion house revealed that the host city for its Cruise 2018 presentation will be in Japan on May the 14th with the exact location to be released at a later date.

Having enjoyed a long love affair with the Land of the Rising Sun, Louis Vuitton cites the traditional Mon emblems as having inspired its Monogram canvas. The brands first Japanese store was opened in Tokyo in 1978 and the house has often collaborated with Japanese artists including Yayoi Kusama and Takashi Murakami to iconic effect.

With Chanel announcing its Cruise show in Paris and Dior announcing theirs in Los Angeles, May is set to be a busy month for the style set.

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