If there is one trend that has single-handedly defined the past decade for women it's the inescapable presence of activewear; leggings as pants has somehow become acceptable again (so long as they sport a heavily branded Nike or P.E. Nation logo), and wearing a sports bra to pick up your Saturday morning coffee is not only acceptable, it's almost necessary. Love it or hate it, active wear is here to stay, and the latest brand to join the party is a big one. Bloomberg reports that Amazon is set to develop its own private-label sportswear range.

According to Bloomberg, Makalot Industrial, a Taiwanese vendor that is known for producing the clothing that comes out of Gap, Uniqlo and Kohl's will be making the Amazon line. The project is still in the very early stages of creation; contracts have not yet been signed and there will be a small trial before the brand is promoted across Amazon channels.

This isn't the online retail conglomerate's first foray into fashion either, earlier this year Amazon announced their first private footwear and accessories line, The Fix, and the site has various other private fashion labels including Goodthreads and Paris Sunday.

With Amazon being one of the biggest online retailers internationally, the introduction of an Amazon activewear range will bring competition to some big activewear names including Nike and Lululemon. May the best yoga-pants win.

Look out Lululemon, another activewear competitor just entered the game