A perennial source of style inspiration through the ages, Frida Kahlo's wardrobe has been venerated in a new book that reveals the stylish gems that lay within

Flower crowns, a strong brow, bold, paintbox colours: Frida Kahlo's sartorial influence is as powerful today as it was before her death in 1954. Following her passing, her wardrobe was sealed in the bathroom of her Mexico home at the request of her grieving husband Diego Rivera, who said to keep them concealed until 15 years after his death. The wardrobe remained unopened for 50 years, long after Rivera's passing in 1957, until 2004 that the Frida Kahlo Museum set about to catalogue the closet's contents.

Tasked with documenting the garments, photographer Ishiuchi Miyako photographed more than 300 previously-unseen garments which has been published into a tome entitled Frida by Ishiuchi. As you might expect from one of the world's most celebrated artists, Kahlo's wardrobe was awash with colour, print and quirk - her prosthetic limb adorned with intricate embroidery, for example.

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Leaf through Frida Kahlo’s spectacular wardrobe, unlocked after 50 years