Kopy kat: Kim Kardashian accused of ripping-off fashion designers

Kopy kat: Kim Kardashian accused of ripping-off fashion designers

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Kim Kardashian’s knock-off kids designs prove no-one is safe under the vigilant eye of @diet_prada

Another day, another knock-off exposed, thanks to the sass of Instagram account @diet_prada, who have so diligently kept a watchful eye over the fashion industry this year. Kim Kardashian West is the latest celebrity name to be added to the fashionably fraudulent 'naughty-list' after her kids clothing line, The Kids Supply released its fourth collection where some designs appear a little bit too familiar. The Kids Supply, which is a joint venture between Kardashian and husband, Kanye West designs and sells pint-sized versions of the types of clothing the couple wear; think teeny tiny velour tracksuits and faux fur leopard coats - because for some reason it's pretty darn cute to see toddlers dressed as miniature adults.

Diet Prada posted side-by-sides of two pieces from the collection that are almost exact replicas of pieces designed by Comme des Garçons and Vetements (which just so happen to be two of Kardashian's favourite designers). A bomber jacket from The Kids Supply is a word-for-word copy of a limited-edition Comme des Garçons x Kosho & Co. bomber jacket. Likewise the collection features a child-sized silver sequined Vetements dress knock-off.

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A representative from The Kids Supply explained to Page Six that the resemblance was intentional: "The idea behind Kids Supply is to give people the opportunity to purchase things that would never be available for children otherwise. We decided to release the Demna dress after making one on our own for North because it got such a great reaction and an overflow of people wanting it for their own children. We named it the Demna dress to pay homage to him as it was one of Kim and North's favourite mummy and me moments."

The rep also said that, "The Rei jacket was a mixture of some our favourite souvenir jacket art. We have been collecting for years and have [an] archive of them. We named it the Rei Jacket out of the utmost respect for [Comme des Garçons designer, Rei Kawakubo]."  Page Six also reported that 100% of the proceeds from both pieces will be donated to the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles.

Diet Prada however, are not sold, posting to their Instagram Story, "[@kimkardashian] ... good on you for deciding to donate the full proceeds to charity (no one believes you guys decide[d] that before, but we'll let it slide this time."

Thank you once again @diet_prada; saving the world one fashion exposé at a time.  

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