Kenzo's new campaign video celebrates Nigerian youth


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Following the success the brand's viral films from Spike Jonze and Kahlil Joseph, (who directed Beyonce in Lemonade) comes an intimate new campaign inspired by the communities of Nigeria

First shared with Dazed Digital, Kenzo's newest campaign photographs, (stand-ins for stills of the yet-to-be-released fashion film directed by Akinola Davies) are shot by photographer Ruth Ossai, a half-British, half-Nigerian whose heritage informed the choice of location for the shoot in Nsukka, one of the Igbo communities of Nigeria.

With a concept that riffs on the beauty pageant youth culture of the society, the street-cast models from the tribe featured in the campaign posed with sashes and bouquets were explained by director Davies as, being, "about the nuances of beauty in relation to their own community." Davies explained that the film was an effort to pay homage to, "young black Nigerian bodies (by) caputuring them celebrating Igbo culture and traditions, showing that beauty is always present when there is a commitment to the celebration of culture."

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Kenzo's new campaign video celebrates Nigerian youth (фото 1)

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