Kate Middleton is using her fashion influence for a very good cause

Kate Middleton is using her fashion influence for a very good cause

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She’s the UK’s most influential female style icon, and Kate Middleton is using her fashion influence for good, urging people to buy sustainable threads

Sustainable fashion just got the royal seal of approval! The Duchess of Cambridge, who has the power to sell out a single item in seconds (AKA the 'Kate effect'), is lending her support to a Fashion Exchange that will increase sustainability in the industry.

The Commonwealth Fashion Exchange plans to unite all 52 Commonwealth countries in the name of fashion. Specifically, the countries involved will come together to create "a one-of-a-kind sustainable outfit," that will be unveiled during London Fashion Week on February 19 at Buckingham Palace. And judging the eco-friendly threads will be none other than Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge herself. The Exchange is also supported by Sophie, Countess of Wessex and helmed by Livia Firth (wife to actor, Colin Firth).

Firth, who is also founder and creative director of Eco-Age consultancy, says the Exchange is a way of getting a younger generation to think about the societal implications of fashion, especially when produced in high volumes.

"We believe in the huge power of fashion," Livia told People Magazine. "The majority of the population of the Commonwealth is under the age of 30 so we needed to find something that spoke to the millennials, the young people."

The exchange will exhibit the work of 31 designers, including Karen Walker (representing New Zealand), Stella McCartney and Burberry (for the U.K.), along with 26 artisans. 

While sustainability is at it's core, it's not the only point of the project. According to Rt. Hon. Patricia Scotland QC, Secretary-General of the Commonwealth, will hold the Commonwealth Heads of Government Summit in April, she says it "has collaboration and partnership at its heart." The hope is that it will make the upcoming summit's "themes of prosperity, sustainability and fairness very real and tangible."

Once the clothes make their royal debut at Buckingham Palace, you can catch a glimpse of the outfits on public display at London's Australia House on February 21 (just after London Fashion Week), before the designs make their way to New York for Fall Fashion Week in September. (a favourite of Kate's) will also launch an edited collection in September, which we're sure will sell out faster than you can say 'sustainable.'

Kate Middleton is using her fashion influence for a very good cause (фото 1)

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