Karen Walker tees up with The Iconic to target breast cancer

Karen Walker tees up with The Iconic to target breast cancer


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As the saying goes, people wear their hearts on their sleeves

But New Zealand fashion designer Karen Walker is taking the adage one step further with this latest fundraising project, designing a T-shirt emblazoned with a bright yellow target for an incredibly worthy cause.

Teaming up with supersonic Aussie fashion e-tailer THE ICONIC, Walker has lent her design skills to Fashion Targets Breast Cancer (FTBC), stitching up the exclusive tee for their 2015 campaign.  Featuring a canary yellow target on the front, the wearable white tee will be available from THE ICONIC this spring. Proceeds will go towards research into early onset breast cancer by The Garvan Institute of Medical Research, a leading biomedical research institute that's home to one of the largest cancer research facilities in Australia.

Karen Walker tees up with The Iconic to target breast cancer (фото 1)

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"We're thrilled to be partnering with The Garvan Institute to help make a difference to breast cancer research and work towards a world where my daughter and future generations are no longer at risk of the disease," Walker said in a release.

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer was founded in 1994 by none other than Ralph Lauren, in a tribute to fashion editor and breast cancer victim Nina Hyde. So far, the campaign has raised over $2.7 million towards breast cancer research in Australia alone. Visit to add to that figure this season.

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