High-end Italian jewellery and accessories label Bulgari is not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside too, since 2009 they've been a huge supporter of the Save the Children organisation, donating an eye-watering $70 million to the charity.

This support has helped change over a million kids lives in five continents, according to a press statement, and this holiday season they're asking everyone to give just a little, which helps a lot.

The campaign launched on November 20 and will run through to January 8, 2018 and is so easy to contribute to, because it involves selfies...

That's right all you need to do is snap a closed-eyes selfie, like you're making a wish, post it on Instagram with a note about you're wishing for this holiday season and add the hashtag #SeeMyWish.  Jasmine Sanders aka @golden_barbie provides the perfect example below:


If you don't feel like taking a selfie, you can share the Bulgari Wishing video on Facebook or Weibo.

Every time someone posts a #SeeMyWish closed-eyes selfie or shares the video, Bulgari will donate $1 to Save the Children.

Make sure you hashtag #SeeMyWish (and close your eyes - that's key to the whole operation) and tag @bulgariofficial so Bulgari can donate that dollar right away. Your selfie could change a kid's life this holiday season.

Head to bulgari.com/en-au/seemywish for further details on this life-changing campaign.

Join Bulgari on Santa’s ‘good’ list by sharing a shut-eye selfie for charity