Christmas shopping has never been so easy, thanks to Westfield's new glam team of experts. 'The Nanna Squad' is the latest group of Westfield ambassadors, with showbiz legend Patty Newton, foodie Angie Hong, and celebrity stylist Lesley Crawford leading the squad. The groovy grannies will help take the guesswork out of shopping this year - providing expert tips in buying gifts, preparing feasts and party-dress shopping.

"Having relatives, kids and grandkids together means a lot of personalities under one roof and that can be stressful enough," explains Patty Newton. "I always try to remember not to take myself too seriously - Christmas should always be about getting the family together, relaxing and - most importantly - having fun."

Throughout November and December, will be launching videos, gift guides, and shopping centre appearances to help solve your biggest festive fears.

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Meet the nanna squad: Westfield’s latest Xmas crew