H&M are MASSIVELY changing the way they do things

H&M are MASSIVELY changing the way they do things

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The fast fashion chain aims to make everything old new again with the launch of World Recycle Week

Launching from April 18-24, the week has one main purpose: to collect 1000 tonnes of secondhand clothes worldwide, which will then be used to create recycled textile fibres for brand new collections. It's all part of H&M's commitment to 'closing the loop' in fashion and long-term goal of having zero garments end up in landfill.

It's a lofty ambition, and one that has the potential to dramatically reduce the fashion industry's reliance on natural resources - by recycling just one T-shirt, 2100 litres of water can be saved. H&M aren't just collecting their own pieces, either - absolutely any item of clothing is welcome, no matter how worn, and as an added incentive, participants receive H&M vouchers.

H&M has collected over 25,000 tonnes of clothing since it first introduced its Garment Collecting scheme in 2013 and two years ago they released their first collections made from recycled textile fibres. During World Recycle Week they'll be ramping up the initiative, with additional garment collection points across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth and a fleet of bicycles stationed at scheduled pick-up points across the week.

To show they mean business, the brand has commissioned Brit artist M.I.A to film an exclusive new music video that highlights the environmental impact of clothes going into landfill around the world. The video debuts on April 11 - check back here to be the first to see it.

H&M are MASSIVELY changing the way they do things

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