Gucci vs Balenciaga: what was the hottest brand of 2017?

Gucci vs Balenciaga: what was the hottest brand of 2017?

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Gucci takes the title as hottest brand of 2017

Looking back on the products that dominated the fashion trends of 2017, it's easy to predict what brands are sitting at the top of the fash pack. In the early months of the year, you could not scroll through your Instagram feed without double tapping on a Gucci logo tee or gold hardware belt, and then right on their heels came Balenciaga's hybrid sock speed trainers and Martix-esque eyewear (which pretty much catapulted the whole teeny tiny sunglasses trend we're seeing everywhere). From a consumer the fashion battle between Balenciaga and Gucci seemed pretty neck and neck throughout the year, each bringing out new products and designs to challenge the fashion landscape with a clear focus on millennials as growing customers and brand engagers - and now thanks to data released by Lyst and Business of Fashion, we have the results; the hottest brand of 2017 was *drumroll, please* Alessandro Michele and Demna Gvasalia's Gucci!

The data, analysed from over 70 million consumers details that while Balenciaga experienced exponential growth in the latter half of the year (beating Gucci in Q4), Gucci trumps overall. BOF reports that more people entered the search term "Gucci" over the year, than generic search terms such as "shoes" and "dresses."

The success of Gucci comes down to its instantly identifiable branding that gradually evolves collection to collection. The Italian juggernaut builds and elaborates on its prior designs and silhouettes, instead of reinventing a new design aesthetic. Consumers know what to expect, while still being surprised and interested in what will come next.

Both Gucci and Balenciaga's products account for five of the top selling products of 2017; Gucci's bloom slides, Ace sneakers, logo tee and belt, and Balenciaga's speed boot which came in at second overall.

As for 2018? Balenciaga's influence is continuing to grow at a faster rate; only time will tell how long Gucci can hold the crown for.

Note from BOF: Due to exclusive vertical distribution models, the Lyst Index does not include Chanel, Christian Dior, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Céline and Prada.

(Source: BOF)

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