A very Posh wardrobe injection on a not-so-posh budget

Way back in October of last year, Target announced yet another frenzy-inducing fashion collaboration with none other than Spice-Girl-gone-Fashion-Magnate Victoria Beckham.

Like another British designer before her, Stella McCartney, the 200-piece collection is guaranteed to cause hysteria. With lines for women and children (Beckham's first foray into kidswear) the range launches on April 9th in the US and will be a reflection of the diffusion Victoria, Victoria Beckham line and will be the first designer collab that offers plus size items in store ranging from USD $6-$70.

"I always describe VVB as the younger sister to the Ready-to-Wear. It's a range that reflects what I think of as the more "playful" side of my own style," said Beckham in a statement. "The collections within VVB are fun and full of character, but always stay true to the refined brand spirit... For a while now, I have been thinking how great it would be to work on clothes for a customer that either doesn't want to pay or can't pay designer prices. I loved the idea of opening the brand up to a wider audience and being able to share my vision with a broader customer base."

Beckham also shared her first TV commercial for the range on her Instagram, see below.

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