Em Ratajkowski’s new swimwear line is under fire

Em Ratajkowski’s new swimwear line is under fire

Another day, another knock-off

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Swim and ready-to-wear designer, Lisa Marie Fernandez has accused Emily Ratajkowski of ripping off two of her designs

Emily Ratajkowski is making headlines, and this time it has nothing to do with dancing to 'Blurred Lines' or calling out media for unsolicited photo-shopping. The model who earlier this month launched her inaugural swimwear collection, Inamorata Swim has been accused of copying two of the designs from swim and ready-to-wear designer, Lisa Marie Fernandez.

Left: Lisa Marie Fernandez Triple Poppy maillot, right: Inamorata Swim Cardiff one-piece

According to Business of Fashion, Fernandez has issued a cease-and-desist letter, calling out Ratajkowski's Vulcan top and Cardiff one-piece which bear a striking resemblance to Lisa Marie Fernandez's Leandra bikini top and Triple Poppy maillot. The styles designed by Fernandez had been on offer for the past three years. BOF claims that flaws in American copyright laws mean that "physically functional items, including clothing" are not protected, however since Inamorata Swim ships internationally, Fernandez was able to invoke two European Union Community Design Registration certificates that were registered in May 2015 and grant Fernandez monopoly on the designs in the EU until 2020.

Left: Lisa Marie Fernandez Leandra bikini top, right: Inamorata Swim Vulcan top

Fernandez has not been shy about sharing the media attention her filing has gained over the past few days. The designer's Instagram feed is flooded with screenshots of news headlines from Fashionista, Teen Vogue, The New Yorker, and Harper's Bazaar calling out Ratajkowski's design plagiarism. Ratajkowski and Inamorata Swim have not commented publicly on the allegations, however the model posted a vintage shot of Christie Brinkley to the brands Instagram account with the caption: "Pinterested this photo over 2 years ago and made a sample of it over a year ago. We all tap into vintage inspirations." The swimsuit worn by Brinkley in the image is almost an exact replica of Inamorata Swim's Swami's one-piece. 

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And don't worry, fashion vigilant Instagram account, @diet_prada are all over it, keeping us posted one hilarious Insta-story at a time. 

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