Eco couture: Prada commits to saving the planet

Eco couture: Prada commits to saving the planet

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From 'garden factories' to reforestation, the high fashion house is serious about fighting climate change

The proof is in the Prada: in a comprehensive new website, the house outlines everything it's doing - and plans to do - to reduce its carbon emissions and promote a healthier planet. And this isn't just PR spin -  so far, Prada has reduced its emissions by 596 tonnes, increased its absorption by 20 tonnes care of reforesting the area around its Valvigna factory, reduced waste by 6 per cent and increased the amount the company recycles by 19 per cent *insert clapping hands emoji*.

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They haven't stopped there - Prada has set up beautiful garden factories where 'flowers sprout from cement' according to the website, and have replaced 3800 fluorescent light bulbs with more eco-friendly LEDs. They also use FSC-approved paper. "Beauty, creativity and superior quality have always been the Prada Group's guiding principles. Nature and humanity are the cornerstones of those principles," said Carlo Mazzi, chairman of the board of directors of Prada S.p.A. "Respect for the environment and for individuals underpins our behaviour at all times, both within our company and in the relationship with our partners, suppliers, clients and institutions."

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Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood already have fine form when it comes to eco-friendly operations, but will other high fashion houses follow Prada's green lead? We hope so.

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