Do they ever quit? Kendall and Kylie do vintage

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The busiest Gen Z sisters have launched yet another extension of their eponymous clothing brand 

The world appears to be endless for those enterprising young Jenner sisters, who have so far delved into swimwear, shoes, sunglasses and other related accessories under their namesake label Kendall + Kylie. Of course, Kylie also has her runaway successful beauty line Kylie Cosmetics, which is not to be mistaken for her half-sister Kim Kardashian West's soon-to-be-birthed beauty line KKW Beauty (are you keeping up yet?), to also boast of... but hey, why stop at one empire?

Let's take a stab and say the youngest Klan members are probably the richest 19 and 21 year olds in California, but it seems their empire could do with expansion into new territory. How else do you explain why they've moved into "vintage" tees? (We'll explain later why we use inverted commas). Sure, it's a savvy move considering the cultish one-of-a-kind appeal that high-fashion or vintage labels like Vetements and Re/Done have for their wearers. (Because what could be more luxe than a band T-shirt that no one else has?). But, still... vintage? Kylie is only 19?

Anyway, back to the collection in question. Announcing its arrival - where else? - on Instagram yesterday, the Kendall + Kylie vintage tee collection has a very strange twist. While the tees indeed feature the logos of famous outfits like Pink Floyd, KISS and Metallica, the graphics are overlaid with curiosities like a silhouette of Kendall's head, a replica of Kylie's raunchy poolside Instagram or, worse, the Kendall and Kylie gothic-print logo. One of a kind? Indeed. Even if we can't fault the sister's foray into the so-hot-right-now band tee trend - we're really not sure if this quite counts as "vintage". (Also, way to ruin a perfectly worn in band T-shirt...) 

But hey, a quick look at the shirts on the site and they're already low in stock, after launching just 11 hours ago. Wonders never cease.

Shop the collection at

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